Transportation & Location

Strategically Located With Excellent Access

The right location can give your business the competitive edge you need and Athens has everything your small business, distribution center, or manufacturing company needs. With easy access to the DFW Metroplex and several major highways within a few miles, Athens allows you to get your people or your product wherever you need easily. The city itself is set up with a loop that provides quick access to the Industrial Park.

Major Roadways

Athens is strategically located one hour southeast of Dallas on U.S. Highway 175. Interstate 45 is just 32 miles to the west on Texas Highway 31, while Interstate 20 is 24 miles to the North on Texas Highway 19. I-20/635 is only 60 miles from Athens. And all these U.S. Highways, state and county roads run through Athens and are also connected by a beltway, NE Loop 7, that circles the city.

Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX - 72 miles

Tyler, TX - 35 miles

Houston,TX - 196 miles

Austin,TX - 193 miles

San Antonio,TX - 273 miles

Little Rock, AR - 309 miles

Memphis, TN - 442 miles

New Orleans, LA - 439 miles

Sea Ports

The Port of Houston is 198 miles south, just over a three hour drive. The Dallas Logistics Hub, featuring the Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal, is just 65 miles from Athens, off Interstate 45, and there are additional major freight carriers in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area.


Athens has its own airport with business jet service and plenty of room for additional, new hangar space. Plus there are passenger flight services daily in and out of Dallas and 35 miles east in Tyler.

International Access

There are several direct commercial connections to Mexico, via Interstate highways, within 550 miles of Athens with the closest being Laredo, TX, 428 miles southwest through Austin and San Antonio. 

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